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[2017-New-Version]Instant Download Braindump2go E20-593 PDF Dumps 521Q[1-10]

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2017 Oct. New EMC E20-593 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Released Today! Following are some new E20-593 Questions:

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What happens when an EMC NetWorker file type device becomes full while backups are running?

A.    Backups are paused; the oldest save sets are staged.
B.    Backups span to another volume.
C.    Backups fail; simultaneous restore jobs continue.
D.    Backups are paused; aborted and expired save sets are deleted.

Answer: B

Your customer needs to back up a Windows file server containing millions of small files to their EMC Disk Library using EMC NetWorker. They have a very limited backup window for this client and need to limit the impact on the server. What is the best way to fulfill the customer’s requirements?

A.    Implement SnapImage.
B.    Increase client parallelism.
C.    Enable client-side compression.
D.    Utilize NetWorker’s cloning and staging capabilities.

Answer: A

An EMC NetWorker administrator configures an advanced file type device, setting the device target sessions to two, and max sessions to four. How is data written to the advanced file type device?

A.    Each save set is written to a separate file.
B.    Each file written by the storage node contains up to four save sets.
C.    Four backup jobs will be multiplexed for every two files written to the device.
D.    Two save sets will be stored in each file.

Answer: A

Your task is to develop a backup-to-disk solution for your client. After an initial analysis, you decide to include one EMC Disk Library (EDL) to be used as the primary backup device. The customer has been using a physical library with LTO-3 drives for many years and would like to have the capability to recover from the old tape. The solution must result in the fewest possible changes to the EMC NetWorker server.
How can you best address these requirements?

A.    Connect the existing library to the back end of the EDL.
Create a virtual library and drives that match the physical drive types.
B.    Install the IP replication agent on the backup server that controls the physical library.
Copy physical tapes over the network to virtual tapes to the EDL.
C.    Migrate all data from the outdated media to the new media format and archive.
D.    Create a new data zone offsite to be used for recovery purposes only.
Connect the physical library to the new zone and make it available to both locations.

Answer: A

Client A performs backups to Storage Node S where the backup operations are managed by EMC NetWorker Server N. NetWorker Management Console is running on Server Y. Client A’s configuration information was lost.
To which component must the client configuration data be restored?

A.    Storage node
B.    NetWorker Management Console server
C.    Client
D.    NetWorker server

Answer: D

What command was used to see the following NDMP device?
scsidev@1.6.0:ADIC Scalar i2000 100A|Autochanger (Jukebox), /dev/mc_d6l0
S/N: 02TOK00200
ATNN=ADIC Scalar i2000 02TOK00200
Virtual device
scsidev@255.255.255:IBM ULTRIUM-TD4 7BG2|Tape, /dev/mt_d0l0
S/N: 1310056061

A.    inquire
B.    scanner
C.    diskscan
D.    changers

Answer: A

You are deleting save sets manually from the EMC NetWorker server using CLI commands. You receive an error that the database update has failed.
What process should you verify is running on the NetWorker server?

A.    nsrlcpd
B.    nsrmmdbd
C.    nsrmmd
D.    mminfo

Answer: B

What is a characteristic of EMC NetWorker’s Open Tape Format (OTF)?

A.    Allows multiplexed, heterogeneous data to reside on the same media
B.    Controls the number of save streams a client backs up simultaneously
C.    Collects information for pools and index entries to allow data segregation
D.    Identifies the ports used by NetWorker to allow data to be saved through a firewall

Answer: A

What is the primary function of the EMC NetWorker job daemon?

A.    Coordinates scheduled backups, and manages the resulting information and statistics
B.    Generates requests for volume mounting and unmounting when required
C.    Identifies NetWorker hosts and their file systems
D.    Identifies application modules and assigns the correct job to the backup API

Answer: A

A customer is running an EMC NetWorker 7.6 server on a UNIX platform and wants to monitor backup operations from the command line.
Which utility can be used?

A.    nsrinfo
B.    nsrmmd
C.    nsrjb
D.    nsrwatch

Answer: D


1.|2017 New E20-593 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 521Q&As Download:


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