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[2018-New-Exam]100% Real Exam Questions-Braindump2go 500-701 Dumps PDF 75Q Download[56-66]

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2018 Feb New Cisco Exam 500-701 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Released Today! Following are some 500-701 Real Exam Questions:

1.2018 New 500-701 Exam Dumps (PDF and VCE) 75Q&As Share:

2.2018 New 500-701 Exam Questions & Answers PDF:

Which premise-based conferencing solution works with Conductor, TMS and WebEx to create a CMR Hybrid solutions?

A. Cisco Meeting Server
B. Spark
C. MSE8000
D. TelePresence Server

Answer: A

What is oAuth?

A. A type of authentication used when integrating a Cloud applications with a Premises solution.
B. Allows a user to act on behalf of an application
C. Allows an application to act on behalf of a user
D. A type of authentication used when users sign into Cloud applications, such as Cisco Spark

Answer: B

What is known as the UserPolicy?

A. Authentication
B. Admin Policy
C. Call Policy
D. Find Me

Answer: D
Explanation: 8-2/Cisco-VCS-External-Policy-Deployment-Guide-X8-2.pdf

Which deployment model is the best solution to accommodate fail over for Cisco Meeting Server?

A. Single Combined Server Deployment
B. Scaled and Resilient Server Deployment
C. Scaled and Combined Server Deployment
D. Single Split Server Deployment

Answer: B

In which call processing stage can an alias be changed by arule into another form?

A. Find Rules
B. Search Rules
C. Hunt Rules
D. Conference Rules

Answer: B

What is a function of a conferencing solution?

A. To act as a traffic cop for network communication.
B. To schedule calls.
C. To join 3 or more participants in a meeting.
D. To provide an audio and video interface for the user.

Answer: D

Which is a Cisco Spark Service Add-ons?

A. Calling
B. Messaging
C. Room Registration
D. Meeting

Answer: D

What is theonly WebEx product that can be used in a CMR Cloud solution?

A. Cisco WebEx Support Center
B. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center
C. Cisco WebEx Training Center
D. Cisco WebEx Event Center

Answer: B

Which cisco Meeting Server component is used for interworking between different communication protocols?

A. H.323 Gateway
B. Recorder
C. Web Bridge
D. XMPP Server

Answer: A
Cisco Expressway or Cisco VCS can be used to interwork H.323 calls to SIP, allowing H.323 endpoints to join conferences. bcvd/conferencing.html

TMS is a virtual application that relies on what Operating System?

A. Oracle
B. MS Access
C. Linux Ubuntu
D. Windows Server

Answer: A

Which statement is correct regarding the assignment of endpointsto a subzone?

A. By default, all endpoints are registered to the Neighbor Subzone.
B. A Registration Restriction Rule must be configured that matches the endpoint’s alias or IP subnet.
C. By default, all endpoints are registered to the Default Subzone.
D. Endpoints making a traversal call must be registered to the Traversal Subzone.

Answer: D


1.2018 New 500-701 Exam Dumps (PDF and VCE) 75Q&As Share:

2.2018 New 500-701 Study Guide Video:

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