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[New 312-49v9 Dumps]Braindump2go 312-49v9 Dumps Instant Download[149-159]

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2018/August Braindump2go EC-Council 312-49v9 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Folliwing are some new 312-49v9 Real Exam Questions:

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Email spoofing refers to:

A. The forgery of an email header so that the message appears to have originated from someone or somewhere other than the actual source
B. The criminal act of sending an illegitimate email, falsely claiming to be from a legitimate site in an attempt to acquire the user’s personal or account information
C. Sending huge volumes of email to an address in an attempt to overflow the mailbox or overwhelm the server where the email address Is hosted to cause a denial-of-service attack
D. A sudden spike of “Reply All” messages on an email distribution list, caused by one misdirected message

Answer: A

An image is an artifact that reproduces the likeness of some subject. These are produced by optical devices (i.e. cameras, mirrors, lenses, telescopes, and microscopes).
Which property of the image shows you the number of colors available for each pixel in an image?

A. Pixel
B. Bit Depth
C. File Formats
D. Image File Size

Answer: B

The IIS log file format is a fixed (cannot be customized) ASCII text-based format. The IIS format includes basic items, such as client IP address, user name, date and time, service and instance, server name and IP address, request type, target of operation, etc. Identify the service status code from the following IIS log., -, 03/6/11, 8:45:30, W3SVC2, SERVER,, 4210, 125, 3524, 100, 0, GET, /dollerlogo.gif,

B. 4210
C. 3524
D. 100

Answer: D

Which of the following Steganography techniques allows you to encode information that ensures creation of cover for secret communication?

A. Substitution techniques
B. Transform domain techniques
C. Cover generation techniques
D. Spread spectrum techniques

Answer: C

Data files from original evidence should be used for forensics analysis

A. True
B. False

Answer: B

FAT32 is a 32-bit version of FAT file system using smaller clusters and results in efficient storage capacity. What is the maximum drive size supported?

A. 1 terabytes
B. 2 terabytes
C. 3 terabytes
D. 4 terabytes

Answer: B

Data acquisition system is a combination of tools or processes used to gather, analyze and record Information about some phenomenon. Different data acquisition system are used depends on the location, speed, cost. etc. Serial communication data acquisition system is used when the actual location of the data is at some distance from the computer. Which of the following communication standard is used in serial communication data acquisition system?

A. RS422
B. RS423
C. RS232
D. RS231

Answer: C

Network forensics allows Investigators to inspect network traffic and logs to identify and locate the attack system.
Network forensics can reveal: (Select three answers)

A. Source of security incidents’ and network attacks
B. Path of the attack
C. Intrusion techniques used by attackers
D. Hardware configuration of the attacker’s system

Answer: ABC

Dumpster Diving refers to:

A. Searching for sensitive information in the user’s trash bins and printer trash bins, and searching the user’s desk for sticky notes
B. Looking at either the user’s keyboard or screen while he/she is logging in
C. Convincing people to reveal the confidential information
D. Creating a set of dictionary words and names, and trying all the possible combinations to crack the password

Answer: A

Which of the following Wi-Fi chalking methods refers to drawing symbols in public places to advertise open Wi-Fi networks?

A. WarWalking
B. WarFlying
C. WarChalking
D. WarDhving

Answer: C

Which of the following is not a part of the technical specification of the laboratory-based imaging system?

A. High performance workstation PC
B. Remote preview and imaging pod
C. Anti-repudiation techniques
D. very low image capture rate

Answer: D


1.|2018 Latest 312-49v9 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 490Q&As Download:

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