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[New MB2-708 Dumps]Braindump2go MB2-708 Exam PDF Dumps 105Q Free Offer[56-66]

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2018/July Microsoft MB2-708 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Following are some new MB2-708 Real Exam Questions:

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You have a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015.
You complete the Internet-Facing Deployment Configuration Wizard.
You need to ensure to that users on the Internet can access the deployment.
What should you create?

A. A Kerberos delegation in Active Directory
B. A service connection point (SCP) in Active Directory
C. A zone delegation in the internal DNS zone
D. A record in the external DNS zone

Answer: D

You need to configure email synchronization for a Dynamics CRM 2015 user.
Which record should you modify?

A. Contact
B. User
C. Account
D. Mailbox

Answer: B

You have a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015.
Your company hires five new employees.
Each employee is given a new client computer that runs Windows 8.1 and has Microsoft Outlook 2013 installed.
You need to instruct the employees on how to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook as quickly as possible.
What should the employees do first?

A. Start the Add or remove programs applet.
B. Launch the Windows Store.
C. Connect to the Dynamics CRM web application.
D. Manage the COM add-ins.

Answer: A

Your company has a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015.
Some users plan to use Dynamics CRM data while working offline.
You need to recommend which client application can be used to modify records while working offline.
Which application should you recommend?

A. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for iPad
B. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Windows 8
C. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Express
D. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook

Answer: A

Which Dynamics CRM 2015 server role provides access to content from Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook?

A. Web Application Server
B. Email Integration Service
C. Organization Web Service
D. Discovery Web Service

Answer: B

You have a server that has Dynamics CRM 2013 installed.
You perform an in-place upgrade of the server to Dynamics CRM Server 2015.
Which actions occur during the upgrade?

A. The SQL extension tables merge into the base table.
B. The Email Router is upgraded.
C. All compatible Dynamics CRM 2013 mobile applications are upgraded.
D. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for Outlook upgrades to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for

Answer: C

A user namedAdmin1recently installed Dynamics CRM 2015 on a server named Server1.
You need to instructAdmin1to prepare the installation to meet the following requirements:
– Another user named Admin2 must be able to create an organization.
– Five users must be able to manage Dynamics CRM 2015 data.
– Only the required client access licenses (CALs) must be purchased.
Which three tasks should you instructAdmin1to do? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A. From Deployment Manager, add Admin2.
B. Purchase five CALs.
C. From the Dynamics CRM 2015 web application, add Admin2.
D. From Deployment Manager, add the five users.
E. Purchase seven CALs.
F. From the Dynamics CRM 2015 web application, add the five users.

Answer: ACE

Which statement correctly describes data encryption in Dynamics CRM 2015?

A. Only unencrypted data fields can be indexed.
B. An X.509 certificate is required to activate data encryption.
C. The data in encrypted data fields cannot be updated.
D. Data encryption is disabled by default.

Answer: B

You have a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015 that contains one organization named ORG1.
You need to create a disaster recovery plan for the deployment.
Which two databases should you include in the disaster recovery plan? Each correct answer presents part of the solution?

A. msdb
B. mscem_config
C. master
D. org1_mscrm
E. tempdb

Answer: AB

You plan to migrate a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2011 to Dynamics CRM 2015.
Your network contains the following:
– Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) installed on domain controllers that run the 32-bit version of Windows Server 2008
– Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 installed on a server that runs Windows Server 2008 R2
– Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 installed on a server that runs Windows Server Microsoft Office 2007 and Internet Explorer 9 installed on client computers
You need to identify which components must be upgraded to support the planned migration to Dynamics CRM 2015.
Which two component should you identify? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A. Office 2007 on the client computers
B. Exchange Server 2010
C. Internet Explorer 9 on the client computers
D. SharePoint Server 2010
E. Windows Server 2008 on the domain controllers

Answer: AB

You upgrade Dynamics CRM 2013 to Dynamics CRM 2015.
You need to check whether Dynamics CRM 2015 operates correctly after the upgrade.
Which two tasks should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A. Review the Dynamics CRM audit history.
B. Connect to Dynamics CRM 2015 by using the web client.
C. Review the Event Viewer logs for errors.
D. Review the Dynamics CRM trace logs for errors.

Answer: AB


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