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[April-2024]Exam Pass 100%!Braindump2go DVA-C02 VCE and DVA-C02 PDF DVA-C02 269Q Instant Download[Q343-Q359]

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April/2024 Latest Braindump2go DVA-C02 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new Braindump2go DVA-C02 Real Exam Question!

A developer is storing many objects in a single Amazon S3 bucket. The developer needs to optimize the S3 bucket for high request rates.
How should the developer store the objects to meet this requirement?

A. Store the objects by using S3 Intelligent-Tiering.
B. Store the objects at the root of the S3 bucket.
C. Store the objects by using object key names distributed across multiple prefixes.
D. Store each object with an object tag named “prefix” that contains a unique value.

Answer: C