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[June-2019-New]640-875 VCE and PDF Dumps are Free Shared by Braindump2go

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2019 Latest Braindump2go CCNA Service Provider 640-875 SPNGN1 Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Following are some new 640-875 Exam Questions:

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New Question
Which three IP addresses are valid for hosts that belong to the subnet? (Choose three.)


Answer: BCD

New Question
Which type of IPv6 address does the ff00::/8 prefix denote?

A. local loopback
B. global unicast
C. unique link local
D. link local unicast
E. multicast
F. anycast

Answer: E

New Question
With IPv6, for which purpose are router solicitation and router advertisement used?

A. routing protocol updates
B. routing protocol neighbor peerings
C. router and prefix discovery
D. Layer 3 to Layer 2 address resolution (similar to IPv4 ARP)

Answer: C

New Question
Which Cisco router feature allows multiple independent routing table instances to co-exist within the same router at the same time?

A. Virtual Contexts
B. Virtual Machines

Answer: D

New Question
You have a LAN that has three computers. The computers are connected by a switch.
The computers are in the network.
Which network device enables you to connect the LAN to the Internet?

A. a switch
B. a hub
C. a router
D. a DSL modem in bridge mode

Answer: C

New Question
You plan to implement QoS on a network, using these four classes:
– A class for real-time applications
– A class for interactive applications
– A class for batch applications
– A scavenger class
Which two classes are interactive applications? (Choose two.)

A. email
C. database updates
D. IP telephony
E. file transfers

Answer: BC

New Question
Which command assigns an IP address to the Loopback1 interface on a Cisco IOS Router?

A. ip address
B. set ip
C. ip address
D. ip address

Answer: D

New Question
You are configuring manual route summarization in EIGRP. Which two networks are summarized into (Choose two.)


Answer: AD

New Question
Which two IP addresses can be assigned to hosts? (Choose two.)


Answer: BE

New Question
Which three statements about Ethernet frames are true? (Choose three.)

A. Every frame starts with a preamble.
B. FCS is used to recover single-bit errors.
C. The source address is positioned behind the destination address.
D. If the data field is too short, it must be padded.
E. The dot1q tag size is six bytes.
F. The source and destination IP addresses are in the header.

Answer: ACD

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. ServerA successfully connects to Router1, but it fails to ping SwitchX.
Which action enables ServerA to ping SwitchX?

A. Set the default gateway on ServerA to
B. Enter the command no shutdown on the Vlan1 interface of SwitchX.
C. Change the subnet mask on the Vlan1 interface of SwitchX to
D. Replace the cable in FastEthernet0/2.

Answer: B


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