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[New 300-375 Dumps]Free Cisco 133Q 300-375 VCE Dumps Braindump2go Offer[120-133]

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2018/October Braindump2go 300-375 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Folliwing are some new 300-375 Real Exam Questions:

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Local Web Auth has been configured on the East-WLC-2504A, but it is not working. Determine which actions must be taken to restore the Local Web Auth service. The Local Web Auth service must operate only with the Contractors WLAN.
Contractors WLAN ID – 10
Employees WLAN ID – 2
Note, not all menu items, text boxes, or radio buttons are active.

Virtual Terminal

Which four changes must be made to configuration parameters to restore the Local Web Auth feature on the East-WLC-2504A? Assume the passwords are correctly entered as “ciscotest”. (Choose four.)

A. Remove the existing Local Net User Bill Smith and add a New Local Net User “Bill Smith” password “ciscotest’, WLAN Profile “Contractors”.
B. Remove WLAN 10 and WLAN 2, replace WLAN 10 with Profile Name Employees and SSID Contractors;
replace WLAN 2 with Profile Name Employees and SSID Employees.
C. Remove WLAN 10 and WLAN 2, replace WLAN 10 with Profile Name Contractors and SSID Contractors,
replace WLAN 2 with Profile Name Employees and SSID Employees.
D. Change the Layer 2 security to None on the Contractors WLAN.
E. Under Layer 3 Security, change the Layer 3 Security to Web Policy on the Contractors WLAN.
F. Under Security Local Net Users add a New Local Net User “Bill Smith” password “Cisco”, interface/ Interface Group “east-wing”.
G. Change the Layer 2 Security to None + EAP Pass-through on the Contractors WLAN.
H. Under WLANs > Edit “Contractors “change the interface/Interface group to “east-wing”.

Answer: CEFG

An engineer is implementing SNMP v3 on a Cisco 5700 Series WLC. Which three commands are the minimum needed to configure SNMP v3? (Choose three.)

A. snmp-server enable traps
B. snmp-server group
C. snmp-server user
D. snmp-server community
E. snmp-server context
F. snmp-server engineID

Answer: BCF

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer has configured a BYOD policy that allows for printing on the WLAN utilizing Bonjour services. However, the engineer cannot get printing working. The WLC firmware is 8.x. the printer is connected on the wired network where a few of the access points are also connected. Which reason that printing is not working is true?

A. Location-specific service is not enabled on the WLC.
B. Secure Web Mode Cipher-Option SSLv2 is not enabled.
C. mBNS and IGMP snooping is not enabled on the WLC.
D. IGMP Query Interval value is too low.
E. The number of mDNS services exceeds firmware limits.

Answer: A

Which two fast roaming algorithms will allow a WLAN client to roam to a new AP and re-establish a new session key without a full reauthentication of the WLAN client? (Choose two.)


Answer: AE

A new MSE with wIPS service has been installed and no alarm information appears to be reaching the MSE from controllers.
What protocol must be allowed to reach the MSE from the controllers?


Answer: B

Which condition introduce security risk to a BYOD policy?

A. enterprise-managed MDM platform used for personal devices
B. access to LAN without implementing MDM solution
C. enforcement of BYOD access to internet only network
D. enterprise life-cycle enforcement of personal device refresh

Answer: B

An engineer ran the PCI report in Cisco Prime Infrastructure and received a warning on PCIDSS Requirement 2.1.1 that the SNMP strings are set to default and must be changed. Which tab in the Cisco WLC can the engineer use to navigate to these settings?

A. Management
B. Security
C. Controller
D. Wireless

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer must configure a WLAN on a Cisco IOS-XE controller to support corporate devices (using VLAN 30) and BYOD (using VLAN 40) on the same secure SSID. The security team has built an ISE deployment to be used for VLAN assignment and to restrict access based on policy and posture compliance.
Given the existing WLAN configuration, which configuration change must be made?

A. remove ip dhcp required
B. Add aaa-override
C. Remove nac
D. Add mac-filtering default

Answer: B

Which EAP method can an AP use to authenticate to the wired network?


Answer: C

A wireless engineer must implement a corporate wireless network for a large company with ID 338860948 in the most efficient way possible. The wireless network must support a total of 32 VLANS for 300 employees in different departments.
What is the best configuration option in this scenario?

A. Configure a second WLC to support half of the APs in the deployment.
B. Configure different AP groups to support different VLANs, so that all of the WLANs can be broadcast on both radios.
C. Configure 16 WLANs to be broadcast on the 2.4-GHz band and 16 WLANs to be broadcast on the 5.0-GHz band.
D. Configure one single SSID and implement Cisco ISE VLLAN assignment according to different user roles.

Answer: B

An engineer with ID 338860948 is implementing Cisco Identity-Based Networking on a Cisco AireOS controller. The engineer has two ACLs on the controller. The first ACL, named BASE_ACL, is applied to the corporate_clients interface on the WLC, which is used for all corporate clients. The second ACL, named HR_ACL, is referenced by ISE in the Human Resources group policy. Which option is the resulting ACL when a Human Resources user connects?

A. HR_ACL only
B. HR_ACL appended with BASE_ACL
C. BASE_ACL appended with HR_ACL
D. BASE_ACL only

Answer: A

An engineer is adding APs to an existing VoWLAN to allow for location based services. Which option will the primary change be to the network?

A. increased transmit power on all APs
B. moving to a bridging model
C. AP footprint
D. cell overlap would decrease
E. triangulation of devices

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer utilizing ISE as the wireless AAA service noticed that the accounting process on the server at has failed, but authentication process is still functional. Which ISE nodes receive WLC RADIUS traffic, using the CLI output and assuming the WLAN uses the servers in their indexed order?

A. authentication to, accounting to
B. authentication to, accounting to
C. authentication to, accounting to
D. authentication to, accounting to

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. You are configuring a controller that runs Cisco IOS XE by using the CLI. Which three configuration options are used for 802.11w Protected Management Frames? (Choose three.)

A. mandatory
B. association-comeback
C. SA teardown protection
D. saquery-retry-time
E. enable
F. comeback-time

Answer: ABD


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